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Here Is The Real & Low Down On CPNS



A REAL CPN is supposed match your real age & birth year!

They're not supposed to be randomized or unissued OR issued and NOT showing the year it was issued

Meaning if you were born in 1980 it’ll be from that Year or very close in time frame; not 2010 2002 randomized or unissued etc. Because CPN numbers that do not match correct just like your real SSN, get flagged by Lexis Nexis & Corlogic, E-Oscar & a sleuth of other programs used to combat fraud.

Let me keep it real with you. 97% of these people on Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist etc trying to make a fast buck wont! And the other 3% Don’t have a clue.

Before you buy a CPN From anyone you need ask these questions before you purchase it because YOU ARE going to be on the losing end.

1. Will this CPN Match my real birth year? Not 2002, 07, 2011 Or unissued or randomized? (IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE)

2. Will this number be scanned and skip traced (checked against master death-index, checked to ensure its not a childs or another persons SS) and what programs they use to do it & what proof they can show you.

(SSnValidator, Searchbug & Steve Morse DO NOT count)

3. Will they prescreen the cpn for pre-approvals for credit card offers.

4. Will all public records be completed? Ask what prescreen means?

5. What database do they use to locate the numbers?

If they cant correctly answer these questions then DO NOT GET IT. This is what I do for every CPN I locate.

People selling CPNS for $30.00, $50.00 & 99.00 Are BS!

Why? Because it cost over $85.00 to just locate skip trace and scan a CPN with the proper programs, which anyone can't just get; you must have approved access to these databases with legitimate business credentials!

Don't be fooled by pics of high scores in Ads. Anyone can "borrow" a picture and wording from another Ad! Just like they're copying my words.

I can prove ANYTHING I claim that I can do. No secrets here!

If you've already added tradelines and your credit cards get restricted or come restricted and you have to keep sending various Documents to prove your identity, or the auto dealer wants the car back, it means there's a flag risk on the CPN and info you used. That is what everyone else offering CPNs are selling, No good numbers and they sell them very cheap.

But now there using my verbiage and trying to up there cost to seem legit for the same dead products. The truth is, they're not any good.

You CANNOT MAKE A CPN a number, they're located in the unused pool of social numbers. And to obtain these numbers you must have legitimate access to that database and have a legal reasons to even ask for access that database system.

You must have a verified legit registered business within your state and other credentials and They check!

Otherwise you get Trouble & BS

There are certain programs used to locate these numbers which are not free to use. I go through 15 to 45 numbers to locate just one. A search cost $3.00 to $5.00 per number to locate, scan & skip trace.

So when you see a CPN offer for 50.00 or 100.00 bucks, its not legit, because its no profit in it at all;

When you want a real CPN that will pass the Corlogic and lexis Nexis test were you source.

Don't get sent back to the dealership returning your vehicle

You can Google it!!

We can prove ANYTHING we claim. No secrets here! This comes as Notice Don’t be fooled

Using ssnvaliadator & stevemorse sites isn't how you "make" CPNs. Those play a very tiny roll in the entire process of obtaining and locating a number.

Because you can not "MAKE" a CPN, they're located. I cant stress this enough!

You cant tell me everyone "making" CPNs are verified to do this.

And You WILL need Trade lines Period!

The cost of a CPNs Is $300.00

(And Sorry Tradelines Don't Not Come With it)

Fill out your application using the link below






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